Sunday, July 11, 2010

Procrastination Aside

I've been accumulating all of these things to work on and putting off working on any of them, so I think it's time I take a brake from my favorite past time, procrastination. Over the of the past few weeks I've gotten canvases, 3 Mighty Muggs, 4 Guitar Hero guitars (3 Xbox360, 1 Wii), Sculpey, a Munny Bub, a mannequin torso, a Nerf Maverick, random action figures, a Pillsburry Doughboy, and a broken violin, with Dunnys and B3llh3dz on the way, all for purpose of creativity... I thinks time I start putting some of this s**t to use.
So in the coming months I plan on pumping out alot of cool new stuff. I hope to have something to show for all of this in about two weeks... that is if I can keep myself from being lazy.

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